In recent year, domestic and global markets for media contents are growing explosively and in the wake of COVID-19, OTTs and web-based contents have now rapidly and extensively penetrated in the markets. Along with the advancement of communication technologies, the birth of new generation media, as well as the explosiveness of visual contents market have further fueled greater demands for high-quality stories or new media contents. Many “stories” are now supplied via diverse channels, but most of them require further reshaping, reforming and polishing in order to become highly visualized contents. Even the so-called “completed” or “tested” stories still face some issues to be addressed before becoming a successful, commercially viable content.


Our passion is in “script doctoring” and that is our identity. Our passion makes us who we are. Our group is a knowledge-based media group that provides various platforms for entertainment contents. We will develop raw, but potentially entertaining stories with thorough concept driven and plot-hooking methodologies to convert our clients’ raw stories into “media-diamonds”.


We have a world-class pool of Korea’s top-line scrip doctors, investment specialists, IT consultants and industry experts to assist our clients with creating positive influences in the world of media contents so that our clients’ raw stories can be transformed into commercially valued stories.