Our Best Experts will find and craft hidden stories to fit each different media, then supply them to the most attractive markets.


We will craft your story into the most optimized scenario and will connect your scenario with the best domestic or international distributors.

TV Dramas

If your story can be told better as TV Shows, we will convert it into a TV script and provide it to OTT, national TV stations, or cable stations.


If we think that your story is more fitting as a “Short form” story, we will visualize your story via YouTube for viewers all around the world, or as animation or Web-toon.

Artistic or Promotional Contents

Some stories can maximize image and value of products. We may provide your story to promotion agencies or convert it to art or music agencies. We may also convert your story for educational materials or profit/non-profit companies’ PR materials.

Our experts provide the Total “One Stop” Service Package

We apply and provide the world-class service using vertical integration and value maximize strategy to discover, diagnose, evaluate, upgrade, and market demanding stories.